Get Creative With Applied Wood Molding

Kingon Renovations - Renovation/ReDesign for a home with Chinese Drywall

Applied wood moldings allow for all kinds of creativity in your home. Trim molding can be added to walls to create a frame or frames for design elements, such as mirrors or art.

For instance, if you have a wall that is 16 feet long and 12 feet high, you might want to want to add three frames (each section would be 3 feet wide x 5 feet high) evenly spaced on the wall. You then have the option to install mirrors, paint a contrast color, add tile or art inside the frame. Great look!

To get started, begin with a pencil with an eraser and 1/4″ graph paper. Each 1/4″ equals one foot. Draw your wall area, then sketch out shapes you would like to see on your wall. This allows you to envision what the moldings will look like on your wall.

A headboard wall would be a fun project. If you have a low ceilings trim can be added to give a coffered ceiling effect. Limitless options are possible with moldings!