ROF: Your Blueprint For Any Home Project

Kingon Custom Homes - ROF: Your Blueprint For Any Home Project We like to suggest a simple blueprint for any project from new construction to the smallest of home renovations:  ROF  (Research, Organize, Finalize Budget).

For example, with a kitchen remodel, this is how it would go:

Check out the latest kitchen designs. Visit model homes in your area, page through design magazines and books, and visit web sites, such as Houzz or Pinterest. Pinterest or Evernote, just to name a few, can also be very useful tools to help you save clips of ideas or designs you find on the internet. All the research you do will produce tons of ideas, inspirations and thoughts. Sift through these and organize them to determine your style, what is possible in your space, and your budget. F (Finalize Budget):
Determine the extent of your renovation and set a budget. It’s good to build a little flex into your final budget to accommodate the unexpected.